Traveling with your partner is an important milestone as a couple. Discovering new things and seeing new places together adds an ingredient of excitement and fun in your relationship. Nothing sounds more romantic than watching the sunset together or having a candle-lit dinner at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

Not all vacation trip ends in a happy ever after though. There are some trips that end up as disasters since couples can’t help but fight and bicker over petty things.

How can you make your trip a memorable one?

Avoid doing these vacation no-no’s with your partner:

Spend Every Second Together

Though vacation trip is a perfect opportunity to make up with as much time as you can with your partner, it does not mean that you have to spend every second together.

Plan activities together however make sure that you have time apart where you can do what you want to do just by yourself. Head to the resort’s spa while your partner can check out the electronic stores downtown.

Expect Romance all the Time

This trip should be the most romantic time of your life, with every second spent with a surprised bouquet of flowers, kissing and hugging and candle-light dinner.

This might be your expectation of how your trip should go, however sometimes our expectation is way far from reality. To avoid any disappointments and frustrations, always be realistic. Not everything is glamorous and a walk in the park. There will be bumps and challenges that may arise.

Don’t Make Time for Romance

On the other note, always create romantic moments together. It does not really have to be deliberately planned, yet transforming ordinary occasion into a romantic one never goes unappreciated.

Stuck in the airport for hours due to your delayed flight? Turn this disastrous moment into an unforgettable one. Connive with some of the lounge personnel and throw a surprise dinner for your partner.

Make a Fuss Over Money

Money is probably one of the top causes why couples fight. Constant bickering over who pays for things or who spends the most is a perfect recipe for a disastrous trip. Don’t let money matters ruin your vacation.

Before you go on that trip, plan your expenses with your partner first. Create an approximate of how much you will be spending so that you won’t be caught off guard when you’re already in your vacation. You’ll save tons of money if you book with an all-inclusive adult resort.

Being Too Possessive of your Partner

A little bit of jealousy adds a little spice to your relationship, however it’s a red flag if it’s being excessive. Being over possessive can choke your partner to death.

When traveling to a foreign country, especially in some parts of Europe, men are more vocal with their appreciation of beauty. Don’t blow fumes if you see a stranger complimenting your partner. It’s just simply a pure act of compliment.

Isolate Yourselves

Vacation is the time where you immerse yourselves with different culture, tradition and cuisine.

Sure, you have to spend time with your partner on this trip, but don’t isolate yourselves from other people. Go out and meet other tourists or mingle with the locals. This trip would be more fun if you learn lots of new things from other people.

Follow a Boring Routine

When you and your partner have been traveling for quite a number of times, you have somehow established a routine for every trip. You probably visit the historical places first, then check out the local’s fresh market.

Though routine is good, inject spontaneity and flexibility. Break from the usual routine and go try new things. Now is the perfect time to try parasailing that you’ve been curious about for so long.

Nonstop Complaining

Being with someone who complains a lot, even on small things, can be exhausting and rubs off the fun.

There will be humps and bumps along the way, but keep your perspective on the positive side instead of bursting your bubbles over petty things. Don’t think the meal was delicious? Bite your tongue and don’t comment anything. Instead focus on how gorgeous your partner looks in that suit and how romantic the place is.

Life always offers a thing or two to complain about, but it’s how you divert your attention and look at the bigger picture makes the difference.

Too Much Expectation

Social media has somehow changed our perspective when it comes to ideal things. You can see posts about #relationshipgoals, #travelgoals, and #lifegoals every day. Don’t get too caught up with the standards of society. If you’re too focused on getting that shot, you may fail to experience the real moment of walking hand in hand with your partner while chasing the sea birds. Live every moment to make this the most romantic vacation with your partner.

The best vacations are not about creating unforgettable moments with your partner. It’s also about creating an opportunity to tolerate their quirks and love them even more. You’re bound to have a good time with your partner. Just go with the flow and make the most of your trip.