Are you looking for new investments to make this year? With stock market volatility becoming a reality again, what you do with money currently invested in stocks is a big question. Much of it has to do with your age. If you are still years away from needing any of that money, whether it’s for retirement or to buy a house, you are probably safe doing nothing about market volatility. In fact, pulling out your investments after they have lost significant value is a very bad idea. Now is the time when you should you be saving more and getting ready to buy at reduced prices.

If your savings goals are fast approaching, you would be smart to be proactive and recalibrate your portfolio, because you’re going to need to withdraw money before a bear market has had time to recover, putting a dent in your savings.

When that’s the case, you need a safe out for your money, and you should seriously consider buying bullion. Gold and silver bullion are generally safe, reliable options when you need to divest from the stock market but don’t want to leave your money in depreciating cash. Below are some of the bullion investment opportunities you should learn about to weather the next recession.

Gold Coins & Bars

The main goal behind buying gold coins and bars is to create a defensive investment strategy by padding your portfolio with conservative assets. These are assets that are less affected (or even benefit) from a bear market. If nothing else, if you’re holding a significant amount of gold and you need to withdraw funds during a bear market, you can pull from the gold first and give your stocks more time to recover. Buying gold can save you from having to sell at a major loss.

Silver Coins & Bars

Silver is similar to gold, but a little riskier, as silver experiences greater volatility. Consider silver if you are still a few years from needing to withdraw money but you still want to grow. Silver tends to grow faster than gold, but be prepared to withdraw once you see significant gains. Silver prices also tend to fall faster. A great precious metal for those with a little more risk tolerance but still seeking a conservative asset.

Silver & Gold Bullion Jewelry

Typically, jewelry is not on the radar of precious metals investors. For most American investors, sticking to gold and silver coins probably makes more sense. The premiums will be lower and it will be easier to sell at market rates.

There are good reasons to consider gold bullion jewelry though, mainly for niche purposes. Investors who want to keep their gold purchases anonymous or who want to make sure their investments are portable may want to consider putting their money into gold bullion jewelry. Bullion jewelry differs from most gold jewelry in that it is usually 22-karat or 24-karat gold – the same purity as bullion gold coins. Because of that purity, you should pay closer to spot prices and take less of a discount when you go to sell gold jewelry. Nevertheless, gold coins and bars remain a better investment if you are not worried about portability or anonymity.

Gold and silver bullion are a way out of the bear market for people who need their money sooner. Start your defensive strategy today.