Everyone wants to be the best versions of themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. No matter what one’s weight is, it is a good idea to have a regular exercise program to help with muscle toning and keeping overall healthy. It can be hard and sometimes expensive, but what people don’t realize is that the Internet is full of bodyweight workouts. There are even some that require no equipment, which is ideal when one is working with a budget. There are a lot of options to choose from, and here are a few of them to get one started.


Burpees may be one of the most popular (and possibly most dreaded) bodyweight workouts out there. They are easy to do and work your muscles hard. How do you do them? Start in a squat with hands on the floor, then jump back into a pushup. From the pushup go back into a squatting position, then stand up, then back down to a squatting position. Do this repeatedly and it will make a great workout. Put on some music in the background and see how many can be done in the length of a song, and it might even be a little bit fun.

Plank to push up  

Everyone knows the plank but not everyone knows the plank to push up. Start out in plank position and hold it for a little bit. From that position shift into the push-up position and hold it for a predetermined amount of time. Afterwards bring one arm down to the plank position, then shift so that both arms are down in the plank position. Doing several of these a day is sure to build muscles in both one’s arms and in their core. It is a great way to build bodyweight with no equipment. A way to make it more fun would be to see how many can be done in a row then try to beat the high score.

The Tuck Jump  

This is also a good way to build muscle, and it is done pretty much how it sounds. One is going to squat and jump up as high as they can, bringing their knees to their chest. Do this repeatedly, using the arms to help gain momentum. A way to make this more fun would be to measure how high one can jump then try to jump higher than the set mark.

Exercising isn’t always fun, but the benefits are always worth it. Ideally one would start a workout regimen with these exercises plus others to get the perfect workout. Dedication to working out is sure to bring about good results that will make the struggle with it, and there are a surprising amount of workouts where no weights or equipment is needed. In fact, it’s possible to get one’s body into its best shape without weights or equipment at all. Just power through and find the workout program that is right for the individual.