Life can be tough to navigate through. It comes with its ups and downs, but sometimes it can feel like the bad days just never end. If you are suffering from depression then it’s important that you get support from the right sort of people. Your partner (whether they are a man, woman or a non-binary partner) loves you for who you are and only want to help you through the darker stages of your life. That’s why it’s important to let them in and tell them exactly how they can support you. Here are some tips on how your partner be there during the harder stages of your day.

A little dog named depression

Honestly, one of the best ways to think of depression (or even anxiety, though they are different things) is that it is like a small yapping dog that never leaves your heels. It bites at you and demands your attention, but you only feel worse if you give into it. That’s why it’s important to communicate with the people you feel close to when that little dog’s bites are worse than other days. Whether you feel close to your business, your parents or even one of the escorts in Clapham, it does not matter as long as you have someone to talk to and makes you feel like you are being listened to.

Basically, communicate your problems or feelings with someone that you trust. It’s important that you communicate how you are feeling and are able to accept help. If you need it then take it because it will honestly not do you any good keeping it all pent up inside. 

Talking to your partner about depression

If you do suffer from depression, it’s honestly better that you are open and honest about it if you are in a relationship. The last thing that you want to do is leave your partner feeling like they don’t know what to do or that they’re helpless to help you. That’s why it’s important to sit down and have a genuine talk with your lover about how you feel, what your depression is like and what can cause it. Some people might go through a few days of depression, others may go through a few weeks. So, actively encourage them to answer questions.

Depression is something that is pretty individualistic to the person. One person may just feel like they have a low mood, another may say that they don’t want to eat or become anxious or angry. That’s why you need to let your partner know what you tend to do and what they should expect. That way they can help you through it without stepping on your toes or making you feel like they’re intruding on you. 

Just remember that it make take them a little time to get used to it. Once they understand how you function, they will be able to help you. Just be open and honest and things will get better.

Asking how to help

Small things are going to be the ticket that gets you out of your slump. That’s why you need to make sure that the communication between you and your partner is top-notch. Sometimes, during your depression, you may not be able to actively communicate your feelings to them. That’s why they need to feel confident knowing that they can ask you “what’s wrong” or “how can I help you?” If your partner is going to be there for you, then this will be one of the biggest helps possible. Even if they just hold your hand or hug you or offer to be present during the harder times, that will be enough to help you through your darker moments.


Whilst some people don’t really enjoy being told to “snap out of it”, your partner does not need to say this to you. Instead, they need to be able to encourage your resume your normal lives without sounding patronizing. If there are activities that help you relax or make you feel good about yourself, let them know. They way they can get alongside you and slowly guide you into feeling better about yourself. Try doing a hobby together and that will be the perfect thing to get your mind off how you are feeling. Some people even choose just to talk a walk together in order to distract from the negative feelings of depression.


It’s important to let your partner know that they don’t have to be the main source of support when it comes to your depression. Having a partner with depression can be a large source of pressure and it’s important that they understand that you can also look after yourself when need be. You don’t want to shift all of the emotional pressure onto them as a release as this can severely impact your relationship.

Support you through professional help

You don’t have to tackle talking to a doctor or going to therapy on your own. Actively ask your partner come with you and support you through the process will help you handle your nerves and feelings, especially if you have to open up about what is causing your problems in the first place. Professional help will give you the tools you need to conquer your problems, so make sure that your partner gently pushes you to speak to mental health professionals.

Depression is a challenge you can overcome together

Together, you and your partner need to be like a large boulder. You need to be unbreakable and stand strong even when you’re being weathered by a storm. Just don’t close up when it comes to your partner. Your partner is going to be one of your biggest rocks, so make sure to share your feelings and thoughts with them when you are having a rough time. They will help you through it and make you feel good about yourself in no time.

We hope you feel better soon!