Popular artist Kanye West is known for both music and personality, and now he is also becoming known for his shoe line. He has ties to both Adidas and Nike, and his best-known line might be Yeezy, his most recent being Yeezy II. His sneakers are brightly colored and fit for both style and comfort, but how has Kanye West changed the sneaker game? There are a few ways.

He is not an athlete.

This may be one of the most interesting things about West’s line of sneakers. It is common for athletes to come out with their own brand of sports shoes, but West is the most successful famous non-athlete individual to sell his own brand of shoes. His success could inspire other non-athletes to make their own lines of sports shoes, which could turn a new era for the sneaker business. Many artists and other types of famous people may soon come out with their own lines of shoes after seeing how successful he has been.

They are a collector’s item.

For West fans, these shoes are worth waiting in line for hours when a new release comes out. While a lot of shoes are collector’s items, these are different, because he is not an athlete. There is something special about wearing the same shoes as their favorite singer. West wears the shoes often, so when they see released pictures of him wearing the shoes, it’s exciting for them to know that they have the same pair displayed somewhere or are even wearing the same pair that day.

The style is unique and vast.

A lot of sneakers have a sleek style, but these are more flashy and people seem to love it. They come in many different colors and mixes of colors, and most of them have a unique strap over the laces. Each sneaker is uniquely styled, and there should be a style that nearly everyone would like because while a lot of them are bright and flashy there also are a couple of options that are just black. A lot of them have a bear logo, but the Yeezy ones have the popular Nike symbol. The style may set off lots of new trends for shoes, as things become bigger and brighter with lots of new features.

They may be worth a lot in a few years.

Some people think that in just a few years they shoes could be worth double or triple or even four times the amount that they are now. With how famous West is once the shoes are no longer being made this very well may be true. Some people look at it as taking an investment and plan to keep them in their box so that they can make more money in the future. It is rumored that someone has already been able to sell a pair on eBay for ninety-thousand dollars. So while they are expensive at $200 they may be worth the money spent one day.