Cannabis Lovers

Some people choose their next vacation spot based on beautiful beaches or high-fashion shopping. But there are some people who choose based on a different criteria: cannabis. Cannabis lovers around the world might choose their next holiday destination based on the quality (or legality) of their weed.

If you consider yourself a cannabis-loving traveler, think about visiting one of these destinations around the world for your next getaway.

Vancouver, Canada

Now that weed is officially legal in the Maple Leaf country up north, people are practically flocking there to try out the BC bud. Canadians in most provinces are now legally allowed to grow their own 4 recreational plants within their home. They can also apply for more plants by clicking this link to apply for a medical grow license.

As a visitor, you can stop into any licensed retail shop and purchase some quality kush that was grown at a farm in British Columbia. During your time up north, be sure to try these popular strains: Gorilla Glue #4, BC Big Bud, and Girl Scout Cookies.


You might not initially think of Cambodia as a top weed-smoking destination, but you’d be surprised. It might be a more off-the-beaten track destination than the other ones on this list, but a trip to Cambodia will be worth it. Especially for cannabis enthusiasts.

Cannabis use is technically illegal here, but police officials seem to turn a blind eye. You can typically find a few people openly selling it in local marketplaces. And the best part is it’s cheap. For those who like to eat their weed, look out for a “happy pizza”…you can expect this cannabis-infused delicacy to get you extremely baked.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Including Amsterdam on this list was a no-brainer. Most people around the world know the Dutch capital city as the weed-smoking capital of the world. This is mostly because of the cannabis “coffee shops” throughout the cities. Even though weed isn’t technically legal, Dutch law enforcement started ignoring the selling of weed back in the 70’s.

There are coffee shops all around Amsterdam that follow certain regulations so that they can “legally” sell cannabis. Next time you’re strolling through the Red Light District, stop into one of these establishments and try out some Dutch weed.


When you think “cannabis” there is a decent chance of Rasta colors and Jamaican accents popping into your head. This is because Jamaica is seen as the weed-smoking capital of the world. This Caribbean paradise has been associated with cannabis since the beginning of time.

The climate makes Jamaica a grower’s paradise, hence the enormous amount of weed growing throughout the island. It is not fully legal, but punishment for possessing less than two ounces is minimal. If you are travelling here and have a medical prescription from home, you can easily apply to use your prescription in Jamaica as well.

Colorado, United States of America

The legality of weed in certain states around the US promotes tourism, and this directly applies to Colorado. It was the first state to legalize cannabis for recreational use, so you can pretty much find a retail dispensary on every corner. Who doesn’t love getting high in the fresh mountain air surrounded by nature.