Signal Booster

A lot of people keep having issues with their mobile signal. Either at home or at work, mobile signals have a tendency to be unreliable. There are a lot of ways to try and boost your mobile signal, and, arguably, the most reliable way is with signal boosters.

What is a signal booster?

It’s a piece of technology that, shortly put, captures a mobile signal from outside, amplifies it, and then broadcasts it in your home. They can work in buildings of all sizes, and they’re quite reliable. They can also target individual cell phone towers, which means that if one specific tower outputs the best signal, you can always target it and get the best reception possible.

Why use a signal booster

A mobile signal can be blocked by a lot of different things. Building materials are one of the most common ways a signal can get blocked, so by using a signal booster, you go around one of the most common problems. Using one will definitely improve your reception in spots where you previously had issues, so you’ll have full network coverage all the time. On top of that, if you use a 3g signal booster, you’ll have better internet overall, and you’ll be able to use your data plan much more efficiently.

How does it work?

Boosters are very easy to use and understand. They’re a reliable piece of technology that’s easy to install, and once you install it, there’s no need of further tinkering most of the time. There are three main elements which you should be aware of.

The Amplifier

This is the basis of how the booster works the way it’s intended. This two-way amplifier receives, amplifies, and broadcasts the signal to and from the cell tower and your phone. There are different sizes of amplifiers that cover different footage. The more footage it covers, the larger and more expensive it is.

The Exterior Antenna

This antenna is almost always mounted on the rooftop so that there will be fewer obstructions in capturing the signal. It’s directly connected to the amplifier, and it’s responsible for taking the signal and sending it to the amplifier. There are two types of antennas: one of them is meant to capture the signal of one specific tower, while the other captures any signal it comes into contact with.

The Interior Antenna

This part of the booster is meant to be in the home or building where you want to have better reception. It directly communicates with your phone and is responsible for sending out the amplified signal it gets from the amplifier. There are two types of interior antennas: one of them is a panel antenna, which broadcasts a signal to one specific spot in the home; and the other is a dome antenna that broadcasts a signal all around it.

Signal boosters are an incredibly useful device. They can be used in any sized building, and will practically always improve the signal there. Make sure to check out which sized booster you need for your home.