Once you’ve seen so many beautiful photos, great reviews and watched a travel program or two about a particular place, you feel you absolutely must go! Will it live up to all of the hype, and really be as good as everyone says though? When it comes to Barcelona, the rumors are true and the city will live up to your expectations and well beyond. The incredible food, non-stop night-life, historical points of interest and Barcelona luxury apartments that are a must to stay in. You may find it easier to come to Barcelona than you will to leave. Read on and will give you the best four-reasons why you should visit Barcelona.

Fabulous Food

For those of us who like to get to know a city through its gastronomical roots, then Barcelona will be a savored stop left lingering on your taste buds for years to come. The city is a host to all kinds of eateries, anything from a road-side stop for a snack, to Chefs that are eager to walk you through how they got their Michelin stars. If seafood so fresh you can smell the salt water is something you are looking for, than you are in the right place. A place that has adopted its name from the gigantic incense-burner that can be seen hanging at the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Botafumeiro, is about as delicious as it gets. They source the seafood fresh from the fishermen who bring it to market each day and cook it up in an inviting, non-pretentious way.

If you are looking for something truly traditional, you can easily search out a well-cured pigs leg on display at many pubs and dining spots around the city. There are two distinct choices when you are looking for a bit of freshly shaved off meat, jamón serrano and jamón ibérico. The first being more readily available and taken from that of a typical pink-pig that has been farm raised and likely grain-fed, it will be a delicious and less expensive option. The later will be taken from a black-pig, a traditional and very special Iberian breed, whose meat takes longer to raise and must be done in a very specific practice. Aim to sample them both so you know what each side of the cured-coin tastes like.


Anyone looking to maximize their time exploring around a city, is sure to get the most out of Barcelona. Why, because you can tour all day and party all night! A city filled with chic spots for a cocktail, interesting drinks stops, and full-blown dance clubs, Barcelona will keep going as long as you can keep up. For a swinging-stop with an airy-opening, make your way towards Poble Espanyol for the La Terrazza nightclub. This one of a kind club is set up in the open-air courtyard and dotted with palm trees to really give you the feeling of fun and freedom. If you don’t make it before 2am, you might find yourself inline waiting to get in on the action.

Something that is sure to float your boat is one of the notorious Barcelona booze cruises. With incredible popularity they have now grown to diversify into an option to suit almost any sailors style. The first being the legendary booze cruises, where you can slip on a bikini or summertime sailor shorts for a dance-party style cruise you aren’t sure to forget, or maybe forget all of. Next up would be the more luxurious and tranquil champagne sunset cruises, a great way to sip away the day with your favorite bubbled beverage while watching the day melt into the night. Or for those who like to enjoy a fine wine while they dine, get on board one of the BBQ boats where you can eat, laugh and drink the night away.

World Class Sites

One of the worlds greatest building accomplishments that has never actually reached conception, a visit to the Sagrada Familia is a visit that is sure to leave you in awe no matter what your religious faith or architectural knowledge is. Since Guadi started the project well over 135-years ago, millions the world over have come to witness the amazing structure come to life, pillar by pillar. It is expected that the Roman Catholic church will finally be completed by 2026 in an effort to mark the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death.

For a look into the more eccentric side of architectural designs in the city, a tour or personal exploration around to the many Salvador Dali created sites or dedicated locations is a real treat. Some of his creations can be seen from the streets, while others will require you to go indoors and marvel at the creative wonder that was Dali. No matter your previous interested in art or creativity, the Sagrada Familia and the Dali locations are sure to keep your interests up and your camera flashing away.

Luxury Stays

If you wish to stay in the Barcelona city center, or sneak away into the countryside for some relaxing nights. Barcelona has some of the best luxury rentals in Europe and are sure to have you wanting to stay longer. A magical place for you and your whole family like the Villa Catalina, has room for up to 30 guests. With 400 acres of private grounds, a swimming pool, lounge area and fully stocked kitchen. Or if you are looking for something right in the heart of the action, settle into Valentina. A breathtaking apartment right near the shopping and business district, Passeig de Gracia. A stay at a place like this will give you the five-star feeling in a welcome way.

With so many inviting options for luxury stays in Barcelona, you may find yourself lingering longer than you had originally planned.