Rushed off your feet with a full-time job, there’s little time to take care of your home when you’re at the office most of your waking hours. We tend to find ourselves completing chores on the weekend to catch up; the work never seems to stop. There’s certainly little time to sort out the house or apartment when we’ve let it get disorganized or untidy for weeks at a time.

Here are three tips to return your home to a tidy oasis of calm even when you have few hours to do so.

Be an Organizing Marvel!

When you’re an organizing marvel, you’re known to your friends as the guy or gal that has it going on. All your papers are properly filed and organized in a way where you can find anything you need quickly. The same is true for your computer’s filing system. By the way, the organizing system can be simplicity itself – just because you’re organized doesn’t mean you require complexity to do so.

Smart organizing means you can lay your hands on everything you need promptly. You’ve positioned your possessions so that the most frequently used ones are nearest to where you’ll need them. It just saves time. When you can find what you need without difficulty, you’re more efficient. If you work from home, you’ll be glad to be this disciplined about your home life.

De-Clutter Every 3 Months

You might think that decluttering every three months is a little excessive. That all depends on how much of a hoarder you are. There are degrees to this insanity of collecting possessions, using and discarding them, and then never giving possessions away or selling them off.

When the shelves are packed and there’s no space left on the sofa, items will find their way to the floor. Soon they’ll be tripping hazards waiting to happen! Furthermore, leaving lots of cartons or waste lying around can attract bugs that might turn into pests. This will be problematic, as you’ll have to hire a pest control company like Aptive Illinois, or one in your locale, to address the infestation and restore cleanliness to your home. We kid you not. For these and many other reasons, don’t delay the next de-cluttering session. It only gets worse the longer you leave it too. You know if you’re guilty of this one.

Skip the Christmas Tree Needles in the Carpet This Year

The idea of a tree at Christmas is pleasant enough, but the scratches on the car roof from stray branches while transporting the tree home are a permanent reminder of the holiday season. The pine needles litter the floor and get trodden in and transferred all around the house through late December through to early January. You cannot walk in socks or bare feet any longer unless you want a painful form of an amateur acupuncture on the soles of your feet. It’s not all blissful!

You’re much better off buying an artificial tree. These days, you can barely tell them from the previously living tree, especially once suitably adorned with hanging ornaments, Christmas lights and with gifts lying beneath. If you’re unsure, you can check out the Balsam Hill reviews to see what people think of their trees. They’re reusable every year, keep your family room cleaner, and you can still walk around barefooted in the wee Christmas hours too!

Now you have a solid plan to get you and your home tidy once again. Then to keep it that way. Space out the organizational chores over time to gradually get through them as they may take longer than you expect to complete.