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Princess Training: for the King's Glory, is a unit study designed to encourage young girls {7-13}to glorify God through their lives and understand their role as a daughter of the King.  Can be modified for younger or older girls and works great for a group study. Each lesson contains a short devotional, discussion, and activity.  Included is a list of memory verses relating to each chapter.


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Ice Cream Shop Math, reinforces counting money and making change in a fun and hands on way.  Cut out characters, an ice cream menu, ice cream treats, money, and an ice cream shop to laminate and use for counting money and creating your own story problems after the lessons are complete.

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Armor of God Mini Unit Study: Children will love learning about the Armor of God with this interactive mini unit study that includes copywork, scipture study, discussion section,vocabulary, and activities. The study is recommended for K-3rd grade.

Armor of God Unit Study {Sample} by Richele McFarlin

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Grammar Copywork:  Reinforce grammar skills and get handwriting practice at the same time!  Students learn the basics of nouns, verbs, and adjectives!

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Pirates Story Cards;  The benefits of storytelling include enhanced listening skills, increased vocabulary, and a better understanding of grammar.  When done correctly it is a fun activity for both the student and the teacher.

Inside Story Cards:
  • The five elements of a story.
  • 12 cards for use in the story your child creates. (characters, objects, etc.)
  • 2 cards for the setting
  • A few fun activities. 

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Amish Proverbs Copywork; Teach your children the simplicity and wisdom of Amish life.  Amish Proverbs Copywork contains 20 proverbs plus a recipe for Amish Friendship Bread.


Learn how to create a media kit, speaker kit, or author kit that gets you noticed!  Publicity kits pave the way to brand relationships and opportunities to make money.

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Use PicMonkey like a pro!  Discover how you can make your images PicMarvellous through this step by step tutorial that not only brings to the design waters but teaches you how to drink.

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