Monkey See, Monkey Do (PicMonkey Tutorial)

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This is incredible! Yes, we are beaming with pride, what an awesome contribution to the PicMonkey tomes. 
~ PicMonkey

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My friend Richele has really hit this one out of the ballpark. I've used PicMonkey for more than a year now, last year I invested in the Royale version and I use it every single time I sit down to blog. And now, thanks to Richele, I am learning quite a few more tricks that I can try with this photo editing online site. If you are a blogger and are not using PicMonkey {or even if you are!} this ebook is definitely for you!  
                                                                                                   ~Candace Crabtree, His Mercy is New

Finally a resource for the graphically challenged!                   ~LaToya Edwards, LaToya

Nearly every day bloggers everywhere are asking themselves this question, "How can I make those awesome images I see on Pinterest?" I frequently tell them how user-friendly PicMonkey is for this purpose, but rarely have time to step them through all of the neat tips and tricks it has to offer. In fact, there are some that I didn't even know existed myself, even though I consider myself to be pretty PicMonkey savvy. I'm excited to have learned even more fun ways to make images more appealing with Monkey See, Monkey Do, and now I can simply refer others to Richele's book so they, too, can have stand-out images!  
                                                                                                              ~Marcy Crabtree, Ben and Me

Like any other software, PicMonkey has a learning curve if you want to fully embrace what it is capable of doing. Thanks to Richele’s ebook, that learning curve might be a little less steep for me and others who choose to use her tutorials.                            ~Laura Oneill, Day by Day in Our World

This book is a must have for every author. As the author of several books, I know the saying a picture is worth a 1000 words is true. However, I have struggled with finding cost effective ways to add really great pictures to my books. Then I discovered Monkey See, Monkey Do and PicMonkey. Thanks to these resources, I have been able to edit photos for my blog with ease and even designed the cover for my latest book, What is Love.                                  ~Corine Hyman, Books by Corine

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Buba4Turtle said...

Oh my goodness! So excited to have stumbled across this book in the Inspired Bloggers Network group! Cannot wait to purchase and get started with it! Thank you!

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