Character Badges: New Character Program Launches TODAY!

Out of a need in our home to help train our children in good character, Character Badges was created! We have spent months using this program on our children, and are excited to release it today! ~ Caroline Allen, The Modest Mom 

As with all great ideas, it begins with a need and a person who is willing to find a new way to fill it.  Sean and Caroline Allen answered the need to instruct their children in proper character by creating a system for their personal use.  The system proved successful in their family and now they bring it to your family.  Character Badges provides a family the tools to intentionally teach character and change the atmosphere in their home. 

Why I am excited about Character Badges

I am not an easy sell when it comes to programs and systems.  Partly because I admit to not being the best at maintaining them and partly because I believe character goes beyond gold stars and a veneer of pretend behavior to earn them.  Yet, rewarding a child for good behavior and providing consequences for poor behavior is crucial to teaching discernment.  Unlike any other program, the child learns discernment and is kept accountable for all actions and not simply rewarded for a few good actions.  Since punishments are determined upon setting up the program both the parent and the child always know what to expect.  No more punishing out of frustration or unfairly.  Think of the system as one of accountability and not rewards.  The parent is held accountable to intentionally teach character and the child is held accountable to display character on a consistent basis.   It is simply the best program that teaches overall character and discernment that I have come across.  The Character Badges program teaches overall character n the proper biblical context first and awarding rewards second. The program offers charts to track good and poor behavior along with consequences and rewards. 

Character Matters

I will admit to a bias.  I find Caroline Allen a lovely sweet spirit that never fails to think of how her actions reflect on her Savior.  Of course she is not perfect and she would blush at the thought, but her spirit is one that strives to be what God intended her to be for her family.  Sean Allen is a very talented graphic artist who works diligently for his family's eternal future.  The character behind Character Badges encourages me and makes the program that much more authentic.  So to me, the heart that drives the program matters.  I highly recommend this product because I know the work and time that went into this labor of love that began for their children not for profit.  

Teaching Character Matters

Blessed to go to a church that speaks truth and stands firm on the Word of God, I am under teaching and love that overwhelms.  Last Sunday, my pastor gave an impassioned plea for parents to disciple their children.  He emphasized that we only get one shot at it.  In my home, I see that plainly as my oldest is 16 and my youngest is 5.  I see how fast the years go and how easily we can put something off for another day. Once they grow up we will never get the time back to purposefully teach them and train them in the ways of the Lord.

Character Badges is not a discipleship program yet it is one tool to change the atmosphere in your home to intentionally raising children with godly character.  My 16 year old is a lovely girl who stands firm on her convictions but that is by the mercy of God.  I wasted many of those years putting off family prayer and bible time for nothing that could possibly measure up.  I grieve the relationship I may have forged early on had I only taken the time daily to instruct in character and the Lord.  Dare I make the same mistake again?  God did not bless me with raising His beloveds only for me to fail in the basic principle of Christian parenting. What about you?  Do days go by that poor behavior is pushed aside because you are tired?  Do you punish inconsistently or out of frustration because you lack a routine?  Children thrive on routine and believe it or not they are craving to learn how to please.  Teach them how to please you at a young age and they will learn how to please the Lord and move over crave it.

Keep checking back as I will keep you up to date on how the system continues to work in my home. 

Purchase Today!  $9.99 for Character Badges, $5.99 for Little Character Badges or $12.99 for both! Click below to purchase. 

(Yes, this is an affiliate link and I am grateful you are supporting Under the Golden Apple Tree if you chose to use it.)

Character Badges

Richele is a writer, speaker, and graphic designer. Her background in educational psychology never prepared her for balancing laundry baskets and grading math assignments. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Check out her business, Crisp Apple Design

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Would love to do this with my children! Thanks for sharing!

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