The Pursuit of Motherhood


A New eBook.  A New Year.  A New Attitude

If you are pursuing being the mom God has designed you to be then you do not want to miss the release of The Pursuit of Motherhood.

Brought to you by some of your favorite blogging moms.

  • June Fuentes from A Wise Woman Builds her Home
  • Mary Clendenin from The Encouraging Home
  • Sara Elizabeth Dunn from A Mama's Story
  • Caroline Allen from The Modest Mom
  • Lindsey Stomberg from Road to 31
  • Jacqueline Franks from Deep Roots at Home
  • Melanie Young from Raising Real Men
  • Kelly Crawford from Generation Cedar
  • Melinda Martin from Musings of a Minister's Wife
  • Heather Kaye from Raising Mighty Arrows
  • Amy Roberts from Mighty Arrows
  • Melanie Moor from Only a Breath
  • Jennifer Allen (contributor to The Modest Mom)
  • Richele McFarlin from Under the Golden Apple Tree

The Pursuit of Motherhood offers a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and a sister in Christ to share the joy of being a mom.  

"Do not demean your divine placement as mother to your children by trying to be someone else.  My friend, there is beauty in your brokenness."  ~Richele McFarlin, The Pursuit of Motherhood
"I looked on motherhood as the highest calling given to mankind."  ~Jasmine Mansfield, The Pursuit of Motherhood

Do you suffer from infertility?  

Are you weary?

Do you need help mothering from a biblical perspective?

Do you want to leave a Christlike legacy to your children?

Do you need encouragement on breastfeeding or raising young children?

Are you a mom suffering with health issues?

Do you have a special needs child?

Explore topics that concern real moms from real moms.

Get your copy on sale from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday for only $3.99!  

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Brittnei Washington said...

This sounds like an awesome book that so many mothers would be able to really relate to. Thank you for sharing this awesome deal with us!