Reading Horizons Discovery at Home Reading Program

What is Reading Horizons Discovery at Home Reading Program?

On February 4th, Reading Horizons will launch their latest product; New Discovery At-Home program.  Discover at Home is an Orton-Gillingham influenced reading program for emerging or struggling readers in grades K-3rd grade.  The product is designed with homeschoolers in mind as it is easy to navigate, offers support online and through lesson demonstration videos, and extensive yet easy to understand and implement teacher's manuals.  Forty-two sounds of the alphabet, 5 phonetic skills, and 2 decoding skills, are taught sequentially will provide a solid foundation for reading over 80% of English words.  Reading Horizons breaks it down into easy to swallow bites for both the student and the teacher.  If you thought teaching  your child to read was impossible then you have not discovered Reading Horizons

The kit appears a bit overwhelming at first. However, don't let that scare you away.  Once you begin reading the teachers manuals it is all spelled out for you and soon becomes easy to follow.  If you are unfamiliar with multi-sensory or Orton-Gillingham methods of teaching reading then take some time to read through the first manual before beginning.  It is also important to sign up at Reading Horizons Accelerate website for videos on teaching the lessons along with more instruction and insight.  The videos will give you the confidence to teach this program.  One of the biggest concerns from homeschoolers is the ability to teach a course effectively so they keep their child on the right track.  Reading Horizons is not just a program you buy and muddle through.  It is a program that strives to ensure every teacher has the tools and understanding to teach the program successfully.

Pricing for the new materials:

  • Discovery Online Software (1 year) $199
  • Discovery Instructor Materials $299
  • Software and Material Bundle $439
  • Discovery Online Renewal $50

Our Experience with Reading Horizons

My seven year old daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia in the summer of 2012.  While, it was clear to me that she needed intervention, I was unsure how to go about it.  I wanted to be certain I was using the best materials to give her the best chance at reading success.  Knowing, that the best materials can fall flat without a teacher with knowledge to implement them caused me great distress.  I had been homeschooling for ten years and taught two other children how to read successfully.  Once hearing the word, dyslexia, I suddenly felt incompetent and unqualified to teach.  When the only evidence of reading lessons is fallen tears on a dining room table you will do whatever it takes to find a solution.  Breaking hearts are a good motivation to go beyond your comfort zone.  Thankfully, Reading Horizons, provided the tools to make teaching reading a reality.  While our progress is slow, it is progress and that is more than we had before.  I do not believe dyslexia to be a learning disability as much as a learning difference.  Dyslexics have beautiful visual minds that are like a kaleidoscope rather than a liner mind.  My left handed, dyslexic child may have everything backwards and upside down but in her zany way she emerges to be creative, intelligent, and sees the world in a way I envy.  I did not want a program to stress this beautiful mind into making it believe it was malformed or inadequate. She simply had to adjust to how the rest of us relay thoughts through written words and not the colors and pictures that flood a dyslexic's mind.  Reading Horizons does not feel like a crutch used to turn pages painfully but an instrument to turn pages naturally.  

New Discovery At-Home program will bring a new horizon!

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Richele is a writer, speaker, and graphic designer. Her background in educational psychology never prepared her for balancing laundry baskets and grading math assignments. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Check out her business, Crisp Apple Design

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jsalyerjessey said...

Reading Horizons, its an amazing RTI program started by horizons for those who are not able to read as others or it is developed for children who are not good in reading, And best things is that it is not so much costly.....thanks for sharing this information.
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