Pinterest Tutorial: Adding Pins to your Sidebar

Pinterest is one of the top ways to bring traffic to your blog. Think of it like a freeway where cars are zip around take an exit to view your blog and quickly head back on the highway. While that is great for one post, it will not make your blog more than a rest stop. Ultimately you want your blog to be part of a long country drive where people take their time and keep coming back. Allow me to extend this metaphor just a moment longer.... Adding your popular pins to your sidebar are like road signs that beg readers to settle in and get comfortable. It shows off more of who you are as a blogger and readers can expect when visiting.

What will pins look like on a sidebar?

Take a look at my sidebar. I added three of my most popular pins, Using Cards to Teach Math, The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Methods, and 10 Ways to Keep Kids Busy While You Make Dinner.
Notice there is a Pin It button and a counter. Believe it or not this will only take you a few minutes or so to do. The instructions will apply to a Blogger blog. However, it is mostly code so it should be easily adapted to other platforms.

What you need to begin:

  • Pinterest account
  • Image for your pin uploaded on an image hosting site.
  • URL of your blog post that was pinned.
  • A selection of your pins. (Popular pins are the best choice since you already know the post draws attention. If you want to bring attention to a pin then add it along with other popular pins.)

URLs you will need on hand:

Pinterest / Goodies <-----this will give you a list of your pins

Ok, I have a pin. Now what do I do?

First, chose the image you want for your pin.

Now, resize the image to fit into your sidebar.

The next thing you will need to do is make a button of your image attached to the blog post on your blog. You will need this for the image to appear on your sidebar and connect to your post.
So, upload your image to an image hosting site.

Chose the HTML code.

It will look like this:

Switch the first URL, highlighted above, and replace it with the full URL of the blog post you want the image to link to. You just made a blog button!


Adding the button to your blog

If you have Blogger, you will go to your layout page and chose "Add a Gadget". Choose HTML/JavaScript and add in your code. You can save it now or keep it open until you finish.

Wait, I thought this was a tutorial on adding a pin not a button?

Well, first thing is first. You will need to add the image before adding the Pin code. Remember that URL, I told you to hang to, Now you need to pull it out.
Scroll down until you see Pin It Button for Web Sites.

Now, fill out the URL of the page you want pinned.

Next, fill out the URL to your image.

Use the second URL in the code you used for your image button.

Example: (the URL in bold)

Copy and paste that URL in the second line.

Now, fill in the description by simply using the title of your post.

Notice the part circled in blue. You will have the option of a pin count and how the count will appear. Adding a pin count is up to you. Pin counts are a nice add on and encourage more pinning.

As your type a description you will notice some code appearing at the bottom:

The code circled in red needs to be added to your blog's code before you add pins to your sidebar. You will only need to add this once. Add code directly above the </body> tag.

The portion circled in yellow is the code you will add to the same gadget as your button code. Adding it before the code will place the Pin It button on top and adding it after the code will place your Pin It button on the bottom. Once you add the code, click save, then preview to make sure it is working correctly. If so, click on save arrangement.

The Final Result

The count should reflect the current number the post has been pinned. The first one I did still has a count of "1" and it has been pinned over 100 times. Not sure what happened, but the next two turned out just fine.

I wish you success! If you have any problems, just comment. I am not an expert, just a blogger who sees cool things and doesn't stop until I figure out how to do it too. You can also visit me on Facebook

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Happy Pinning,



Katie said...

Thank you so much for this post!!! I know NOTHING about html and was able to follow your directions. Now I have some great pictures on my sidebar :) - if you want to check it out!

Richele McFarlin said...

Yay!! I am so happy it worked for you! I learn on the I love to share because I know if I wanted to know someone else must also. :)

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