I am Supermom

I am Supermom.

When my child asked me for 100th time if she could have a cookie, I resisted the urge to throw the cookies out the window.

When my child could not understand how 3-3=0 and not 3, I resisted the urge to throw in my homeschooling hat.

When my child plugged the toilet AGAIN, I called a plumber and resisted the urge to call the gypsies.  (I hear they pay pretty well these days.)

When my child did half his chores and sat down to play video games, I resisted the urge to pour my coffee on the Xbox. 

When my child came downstairs for the 5th time after being put to bed, I resisted the urge to duct tape her to her mattress.

When my child lost my thumb drive, I resisted the urge to pull my hair out.

When my child forgot to let the dog out and he peed on the floor, I resisted the urge to rub his nose in it.  (Yes, the kid, not the dog.)

When my child used all the battery on my iPad just when I needed it for work, I resisted the urge to just quite my job.

When my child talked nonstop for 6 hours straight, I resisted the urge to scream, "SHUT UP!"

When all my children decide to be completely unreasonable, completely ungrateful, completely fussy, and completely ugly to each other, all at once....I resist the urge to lock myself in the bedroom until they are grown ups.

When I feel like I would have gotten more respect, appreciation, and admiration, for all the piles of laundry I do, all the meals I make, all the hours I teach, all the boo boos I made better, all the late nights, and all the messes I clean up had I just got a "real" job, I resist the urge to GIVE UP.

If you kiss the boo boos, love when you are too exhausted to stand, and not cry when they refuse to eat a dinner you worked hours on...then you too are Supermom.  

Psst...just ditch the cape...it has a tendency to get caught in small kitchen appliances and that isn't a pretty sight.

Richele is a writer, speaker, and graphic designer. Her background in educational psychology never prepared her for balancing laundry baskets and grading math assignments. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Check out her business, Crisp Apple Design

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Robyn said...

I SO needed this post! I have had one of those weeks, and I felt like a bad mom for feeling this exact same way. However you have made me realize that I am NOT the only one, and that more importantly I am awesome because I did NOT give up! Thanks again for speaking what was on your heart, so it could speak to mine:)

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