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Do you want to make someone's Christmas brighter and bring in some cheer?  For only .99 you can!  This sale is to help out a homeschooling family who has been struggling with job loss this holiday season.  Many of you have already helped and for that I am thankful!  So much has been done so far and this will certainly be a blessed Christmas.

Many have asked if they can donate more funds or donate in lieu of purchase.  Yes, now you can!  Please use the Donations button below.  Thank you for your generosity!

Quick Update

To date, due to your generosity, enough money was raised to purchase gifts for all four girls.  The girls are 14, 12, 9, and 6.  Each have gifts and gift cards for Barnes and Noble and one is getting an iTunes card.  I also put together a family night pack filled with hot chocolate, Christmas movies, popcorn, candy, and a few games for a fun filled night.  Money is currently be raised for gift cards to the grocery store and gas cards.  

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$3.99 .99

Princess Training: for the King's Glory, is a unit study designed to encourage young girls {7-13}to glorify God through their lives and understand their role as a daughter of the King.  Can be modified for younger or older girls and works great for a group study. Each lesson contains a short devotional, discussion, and activity.  Included is a list of memory verses relating to each chapter.

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Princess Training Sample

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Armor of God Mini Unit Study: Children will love learning about the Armor of God with this interactive mini unit study that includes copywork, scipture study, discussion section,vocabulary, and activities. The study is recommended for K-3rd grade.

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Armor of God Unit Study {Sample} 

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