Reading Color Words {FREE Mini Unit Study}

Print off a FREE mini unit study on reading basic color words!  Enjoy! 

Reading Color Words

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Richele McFarlin, author of Under the Golden Apple Tree, and founder of Moms of Dyslexics, enjoys a good cup of coffee as she demonstrates her ability to wrestle HTML to the ground and write from the heart.


The Zookeeper said...

Thank you!

L Brons said...

Asking for paid membership. Am I doing something wrong?

Richele McFarlin said...

Hi...I have not heard of that happening before. I tried it and it appeared to be working. Scribd is not a paid site and you don't need to register to I am stumped on how you were prompted to pay. I hit the download button and it sent me to Scribd and from there I hit the download and it was ready to print from a PDF format. :) If you continue to have a me at just go ahead and do that I will send you a copy.