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Princess Training: for the King's Glory, is a unit study designed to encourage young girls {7-13}to glorify God through their lives and understand their role as a daughter of the King.  Can be modified for younger or older girls and works great for a group study. Each lesson contains a short devotional, discussion, and activity.  Included is a list of memory verses relating to each chapter.

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Reviewing this book has been an absolute joy! My girls have truly learned how to be the little princess God has created them to be. The discussion opportunities that have arisen as a result of these lessons are priceless. It has strengthened my relationship with my daughters in ways too numerous to list. We will continue to review these lessons long after the last page in the book has been read. We have a monthly Mother/Daughter tea party scheduled and are working on planning a Little Lady Tea Party with their friends.  ~Heather, Curriculum Choice

I think this book is a wonderful jumping off point to setting a good path of godly womanhood before your young daughter. I know it can be tweaked to include a young prince or two as well. Both children learned a lot from each lesson’s discussion and accompanying activity idea.

The sweetest moment? Greyson after reading Joelle’s story again on the ipad, came to me and hugged me and said, “I’m glad I’m in the King’s Kingdom, I won’t ever leave.”~Shannon, Homeschool Mosaics

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Table of Contents

Section 1-Joelle and the Pink Dragon

Joelle and the Pink Dragon

Story Focus


Section 2-Princess Training-Character

The Heart
Courageous Virtue
Trust and Obey
Reflecting Christ
Long Suffering
Memory Verses

Section 3-Princess Training-Etiquette Tea Party

Etiquette Tea



Princess Training Sample


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