Reading Horizons: A Real Option for Struggling Readers

What is Reading Horizons?

Reading Horizons is a reading program originally designed by Charlotte Lockhart, which implements the Orton-Gillingham technique of using a multi sensory and highly visual methods. The reading program is broken up into four areas:

  • Ages 4 to 9
  • 10 to adult
  • Homeschool
  • ESL Learner
Children as young as four to non-reading or struggling to read adults can learn techniques to set them on the path of literacy from home. The program is self contained while being supported by a trained staff to provide your struggling reader with all the tools for success.


What We Think

Meet Olivia. She loves to read. However, ever since she was small she struggled with phonics and spelling. Her intelligence fills in the gap and so she can read well above her grade level. Yet, she was always questioning phonics. For instance, she would see a common word and pronounce it incorrectly. She asked how it was that everyone knew or agreed on a pronunciation of a word that did not follow phonics rules.

She was not thrilled with a computer program because that normally is not her thing. However, after studying on Reading Horizons, she learned to appreciate the format. It is the best format for the program. Each lesson is thorough and the system will not allow you to skip ahead until mastery is achieved. Due to this, your student may have to get through lessons in the beginning that are too easy. However, starting at the basics, whether review or not, is best for those who need the extra help with phonics. My daughter was able to work through the first several lessons easily. She grew quite interested when the lessons consisted of phonics rules and words that do not follow them. In a short amount of time improvement and understanding, as well as sharper spelling skills, was achieved.

Interested in seeing the same results!  Consider purchasing a subscription to Reading Horizons for your child aged 10 and up! 

I cannot wait to use this program with my seven year old child with dyslexia.  Visit Reading Horizons to find the right reading program for your student!

Disclosure:  To review the program properly a free digital version was provided.  Compensation was given for time involved.  All opinions are my own and may or may not reflect that of Reading Horizons or iHomeschool Network.

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Don't Take My Word for It!

Visit other iHN members to read about there experiences with Reading Horizons


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kyndale_pease said...

I would love to try this program! Thank you for the opportunity!

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