Craft: Make Seeds of Hope

Craft: Make Seeds of Hope

Explain to your children that according to the Bible they are to spread the Word of God. (Matthew 28:19) As they tell others about Jesus they are planting seeds. The seeds we plant are of hope so others will come to a saving knowledge of Christ.


  •  Brown Construction Paper 
  •  Seed Packet Marker 
  •  Terracotta Pot
 Seed packets you can print out. 
and HERE.


1. Cut out a seed shape from the brown construction paper. You will want the seed large enough to print verses or verse reference on but small enough to tuck into a seed packet.

2. Print verses or verse references on each seed which relate to salvation. Verses to consider are: Romans
3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 10:13, Romans 10: 9,10, Romans 3:20, John 1:2, John 3:16.

3. Gently open the seed packet leaving the read seeds intact. Place your seeds of hope inside the packet and close.

4. Place the seed packet in the terracotta pot. You may decorate the pot, add a card, tissue paper, etc to make it pretty.

5. Give to someone you have a burden to see come to Jesus

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