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Some of you already know that I started a new blog offering blog accessories.  Through my few years blogging, I found that many beginning bloggers want to freshen up their blog but do not want to put in a large investment.  I have also found many who need little buttons and banners along with way for projects and ads and again do not want to break the bank to do it.  Since, I love playing around with images and designing, I decided to try and fill that niche.  So, if you need a few blog accessories like a header, button, banner, social media icons, Facebook cover images or ads, and you want it look nice but not cost too much...I'm your girl.  Go over to my new site and check out some items I have already designed and my prices.

I look forward to working with you! 

Here are a few examples:

Go to Cup of Joelle and check out more!

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