eBook Review: The Good Wife's Guide

eBook:   The Good Wife's Guide

Author:  Darlene Schacht

Rating:  5 Golden Apples 

Book Description (via Amazon):

In The Good Wife's Guide New York Times best-selling author Darlene Schacht encourages women to joyfully serve their families. In doing so she offers reasons for achieving a well-managed home backed by scripture and gleaned from experience. As well she provides readers with detailed cleaning and organizing schedules for practical application.

The Good Wife's Guide encourages women to make faith and family their first priorities from a place of sacrificial love. It reminds women that they were created with a specific purpose in mind, which is that of being a help meet. In supporting our husbands and living in unity we reflect God's blueprint for marriage.

My Thoughts

Most of you know Darlene from her encouraging blog, Time -Warp Wife.  I have been reading her blog for quite some time and I never fail to be blessed by her.  She is encouraging, firm in her convictions, understands and loves God's Word, and willing to serve as a Titus 2 mentor. Yet, I cannot say I was super excited to read her book.  I feared what I would find in between the pages.  Would I find more confirmation that my dusty mantel and mountain of laundry made me a poor housekeeper?  Would I feel like I was light years away from being a good wife because I sometimes don't get dressed until after lunch?  I knew that I needed to read her book.  I wanted to grow in this area.  Yet, pride sometimes keeps conviction standing outside alone with the welcome mat turned upside down.

As I read through The Good Wife's Guide, I was amazed to learn that Darlene does not fold underwear.  Would it be possible to love her more?  I also found she is not naturally organized and perfect.  Yes, I could love her more.  In fact, I felt my spirit soar as I read her candid personal stories which mirrored myself.  It gave me the inspiration to know that becoming a wife that honors God is attainable.  God will equip you if your heart is willing.  I decided not to highlight the pages since the pages would turn neon yellow.  I wanted to quote her to give you all an example of her God given wisdom and her humble heart.  Yet, I could not narrow it all down.  You simply must read it for yourself.  Above all, she is true to God's Word no matter the price or popularity of the stance.  I admire that the most.  Well, that and she doesn't fold underwear. 

In the end, I did not not feel "bad" about not doing enough.  I did not feel as if I was failing.  I felt inspired to follow the plan for a wife God has laid out in his Word.  I felt motivated to "get my act together" and deep clean my house in five days.  Yes, she has a chapter on deep cleaning your home in five days.  I am a recovering bad housekeeper with a sacrificial heart to serve.  Darlene just helped me realize it. 

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