My Schoolroom

Over nine years ago this dining room was designed with funky red striped walls, purple sheer curtains embellished with purple flowers, gold chair covers, a vase with a beautiful bouquet on the table, and a large piece of artwork to tie it all together.  Today, it retains the funky features but now holds two computer desks, school supplies, kid art, and a buffet filled with books and business supplies instead of fine china.  Instead of dinner parties the room hosts science experiments, spelling bees, and lessons on the Silk Road.  The chair covers bear the scars of finger painting from art class. The echos of laughter from family game night, prayers of thanksgiving, the tears of a child struggling to read, and the joy of the moment long division finally clicked can be heard in this room.  It is a school room by day and dining room by night.  It is humble and will never make the cover of House Beautiful. However, I think the room that started out funky and cool and turned into a place of  learning is far happier with the end result.  I know this funky and cool chick who turned into homeschooling mom is happy with how her life turned out!  

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heathfamily7 said...

Beautiful words!! And I think your schoolroom looks great!

Kasey @ TFOMplus2 said...

Love it! And I love your attitude even more!