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What is Aletheia Writing Magazine?

Published quarterly by a husband and wife team, Aletheia Writing Magazine, is a Christian magazine created for teens ages 13-19.  The magazine allows teens to express their creative talent through writing.  Teens can submit stories, poetry, reviews and more. Every issue features:  a writer's challenge, the featured contributor, a book review, Glory to God for the Beauty of Nature, Ancient Ink and an interview or another feature.

Subscriptions are $26.00 in the US which includes shipping and $29.00 in Canada but you need to email for shipping costs.  If you are interested in subscribing or learning more click here.

What did we think of Aletheia Writing Magazine?

As a writer and one who wants my children to learn the art of communicating and expressing creativity through the written word, I loved it.  I think it is a spectacular idea.  It provides a platform for teens to honor God and express themselves through their writing.  I thought the magazine visually was great and laid out beautifully.  I also must add that I was very impressed with the talent in the magazine.  Until reviewing it for the Homeschool Crew I had not heard of the publication.  I am happy I was introduced to it.  I think I will give my daughter an assignment and have it sent to Aletheia.  My faith in how the written word is expressed by young people has been restored.  Some very talented young people publish in Aletheia.  I think it helps teens to read what other teens are writing as well.  It made my daughter strive higher in her own writing.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of the magazine to review for the Homeschool Crew a part of the Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Read what other Crew mates had to say about this product HERE!


Richele is a writer, speaker, and graphic designer. Her background in educational psychology never prepared her for balancing laundry baskets and grading math assignments. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Check out her business, Crisp Apple Design

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