The Charm Factory: Jewelry Tags for Your Creations

The Charm Factory has a charm for every occasion, event, person and holiday.  With over 5000 charms, you are certain to find a few perfect to make a bracelet or necklace uniquely "you".  The Charm Factory is also a great resource for jewelry makers to find unique items to add to their creations.

The Charm Factory also serves jewelry makers by offering a wide selection of custom engraved jewelry tags.  You can choose the font for your name or company name.  Tags come in sterling sliver, copper black oxide, polished brass, silver plated and sterling sliver plated 14K gold.  You can choose the shape such as oval, heart shaped, and rectangular.  The size is also another detail you can choose.  If you have a logo, you can email it to The Charm Factory and they will engrave it on your tag.

I found the tag gave my jewelry a professional look as well as making my name as memorable as the item.  I chose the sterling silver rectangular tag.  It's solid, shiny, and gives a nice touch.  This is a great idea for those with Esty shops, Christmas gifts, party favors, website promotions or any event or promotion you are a part of.  If you are in business you know how important it is to get your brand out there and noticed. Your work is your best promotion so brand it and keep it memorable.  It would be a shame if someone complimented your work but the person wearing it could not remember who made it. 


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