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Disclaimer:  My blog is messed up...the formatting..the layout...please excuse my dust.  Be careful where you walk and wear a hard hat.  The construction may take a while.

I am the proud owner of a new award!  This award was given to me by Fabulously Chaotic over at Surviving Little PeoplePlease take the time to visit her blog.  She is wonderful and has a beautiful family!  I can't imagine a house with 5 boys!  WOW!  However, that sweet little she looks like a doll.  The boys are cute..but I know boys and boys are exhausting! 

Rules for the award:

Tell 10 honest things about myself and then pass the award to 10 of my favorite bloggers!

 Ten Honest Things About Me

I hate talking on the phone.

I would love to publish a book one day.

I sometimes sneak ice cream in the middle of the night when I'm still up blogging.

I need to loose about 25 pounds...maybe 30. 

I could eat sushi everyday.

I think going to the park is boring.

I have never broken a bone.

I am a terrible housekeeper.

I love it when one of my kids is a "daddy's girl" or "daddy's boy".  Gives me a much needed break! :)

I have not washed my's just say I have no real memory of it.

    Ten Blogs I Love...Honestly!

    Laundry Hurts My Feelings   This is my favorite blog of all time.  Well, all time hasn't happened yet..and I suppose I haven't read every blog out there to know for certain.  So...favorite blog so far.  She makes me laugh.  She makes me choke on my coffee.  She makes me glad I'm not on skis.

    Call Me Laura Jane. Talk about honest scrap...she is nothing if not honest.  Visiting her blog is like visiting with a comforting friend.

    Ascending Butterfly    Tracy is a wonderful blogger!  She is always willing to help a fellow blogger with tips, encouragement, a follow or a praise.  She is the ultimate in supportive...even more so than those overpriced yet so nice Victoria Secret bras.

    Mamahood Among Other Things  This blog transports me to another place...Hong Kong...she's not in America.  She is a contributor to Communal Global which is an amazing site!  It features photos from around the world on a we can all travel the world daily!  Oh and did I mention she is a fantastic photographer?  She is.

    The Stroller Ballet  Well, the name of the blog is great enough to be on the list, am I right?  She is always funny, real, and humble.  Sarah is fun and easy to read.  Please visit her with cup of coffee in hand and have a great time.

    Mommy is Green  Now, I am only a light green kind of gal...but this blog is true green through and through.  Victoria is a wonderful blogger and sweet lady.  She is always sincere and fills her blog with beautifully written posts and honest reviews.  If you think about going green or just want to detox your online time...visit her!

    Tales of the Toot  Christy is a funny and wonderful lady!  Her blog is full of fun yet full of real stories and emotions.  She has a son with special needs and shares her experience openly.  She is a beautiful witness for Christ and an inspiration.

    The Girl Next Door Grows Up  Lara is a hoot!  I have given her awards before, so surely she is sick of me.  However, she is far too graceful to tell me...instead I'll end up the star of a post on how she's sick of me praising her.  She is funny...and...well...funny..that's an important quality.  Sure, she is full of other good qualities but humor through black and white words is a talent!  She certainly has that. She is able to see the humor in life and share it with us.

    Saving Mom's Sanity  Joshlin always has something interesting to add to the blogosphere.  I like interesting.  It's a nice quality in a blog.  Remember that the next time you are blogging and think, "gee, what can I write to entice Richele to stop by?"  Well, just make it interesting!  LOL.  She is fun, honest, and a whole host of other great qualities for sure!  But, I stop at her blog because she always makes me wish she was across from me at Starbucks with a White Chocolate Mocha.  Well..I'd be the one with the White Chocolate Mocha..I have no clue what she would have.  Maybe she can write an interesting post about coffee sometime.

    Mommy's "Free" Time Well, last but in no way least is Emmi!  One, I love the name of her blog.  A girl who can make a play on words is top notch in my book.  She has a great blog and attitude.  She is fun and sweet.  She's the kind of lady you wish lived next door to you so you could visit with her often.  Although, I've not seen hide nor hair of my neighbor in a while.  Think I should make the long walk five feet away and see what's up?  At any rate, Emmi is great!  She has a way of expressing a sense of joy through the screen.  That's a hard thing to do.  I like that.

      Now, I could go on and on...but I'll stop at the required 10 bloggers.  Thanks ladies for your wonderful blogs!  I hope to be you when I grow up and remove the training wheels from my blog.  

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        Mommy Is Green said...

        Thank you, Richele! You are so sweet. Really! You make me giggle with the term light green. I appreciate all shades of green. Never any judgment here. :)

        I truly appreciate the "beautifully written posts" part. That makes me feel good! I honestly spend a lot of time writing, reworking, and double checking each post. Anyway, you are too kind my friend.

        I need to say too that you deserved this award as well. Congratulations!

        Joann Mannix said...


        Thank you so much!! Not only have you included me so graciously into your blog community, you now have honored me with an award! I appreciate it so much.

        I'll be back on Monday, full force, after this crazed ski vacation to really take my time to visit everyone.

        Thanks again! I so appreciate the award, you and your community.

        Buckeroomama said...

        Oh, Richele. You are too sweet. Thank you very much for the award and the kind words! :)

        And just so you know... kudos keeping the FFF group running and with coming up with the Monarch Moms "sister" blog. Your dedication to the group is inspiring. Truly! :)

        Emmi said...

        Richele: You are so awesome! Thanks so much for the reward! I'm so excited! I'll be posting it up later today, I have to feed the kids first...LOL. And I'm also going to pop into the regal ball!

        Sarah said...

        Richele - thanks so much for the award - and for the sweet comments! I appreciate it so much and think your blog is so lovely, as well :)!

        Joshlin said...

        Hi Richele! Thank you so much!!! I never think I'm very interesting, but I do know I'm a bad speller:) I'm not much of a coffee drinker anymore, but I do love a fruit slush and would be willing to try those crazy new coffee drinks I saw with you. I have only had plain old coffee. LOL!

        You have the greatest blog. I visit so much I feel like part of your family.

        Laura Jane said...

        Richele! Thank you so much for this award. How awesome. It just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside that you enjoy my blog enough to say such wonderful things about it.

        I will be collecting this award shortly! <3!

        Tracy said...

        Richele thank you so much! You inpsire me everyday. Can't wait until we meet in person (maybe for hot wings and garlic bread? LOL). Maybe we should start our own group for night owls called 'late night snacking mamas' oh wait I can't be a member of that I'm not a mama! :-)

        G-Zell said...

        Me too! I totally stink at cleaning house.. I tell everyone I think I was super RICH in my other life cuz I totally suck! LOL...

        Hey girl.... I just emailed you and I got a fatal error.. could you send me your email to my at gmail dotcom

        abi said...

        Congrats. Here's another one for you

        sunshine award ~ awarded to you

        Pick up your award here

        christy said...

        Awww, thanks Richele! You are awesome--I love bloggy awards! Thanks for appreciating that I like to "Keep it Real" - it's something that I TRULY think is important. Parenting is not always roses and sunshine and I think as mothers sometimes we are lead to believe that it should be. ((HUGS))

        christy said...

        um, led...not lead...lead is bad. Be sure your paint has no lead. :P Sorry, my OCD-self wouldn't let me leave the typo without addressing it! LOL! Sad, I know.

        The Fat Nutrition Writer said...

        I am following you back! I love the premise/mission of your blog and I'm looking forward to the updates!