Bloggy Business: Giveaway Winner, Awards and New Site!

Golden Moon Tea Giveaway WINNER!

It's time to announce the Golden Moon Tea Giveaway winner!  The winner of a 4 ounce tin of Tippy Earl Grey Tey by Golden Moon is....drumroll please....

G-Zell from Stay at Home Mom, Who Knew!  She is one of my favorite bloggers so please check her out.  Not now though, I still have more business to take care of and then you can visit her. 


I had the honor of having two wonderful ladies give me this award!  I am thrilled to have accepted this award and even more thrilled to pass it along.  Honestly, one of the sweetest awards, I've been given!  This award was given to me by Jen from Jael Custom Designs and Kat from Kat's Confessions.  Both of these ladies are true angles themselves.  They are so helpful to other mom bloggers and very encouraging.  If you do not know these ladies, I highly recommend you get to know them.  I promise you that you won't regret it.

The Rules:

1.  Thank the one who gave it to you by linking back to her blog.
2.  Pass it out to five bloggy angels.
3.  Let your angels know they have been selected for the award.

My five angels:

Tracy from Ascending Butterfly.  She deserves this award times 10!  She is one of the most inspiring, honest, and encouraging women I have met online!

G-Zell from Stay at Home Mom, Who Knew!  She is wonderful!  She is funny, honest, funny, tell it like it is, funny, it is what it is, honest...oh did I say funny and honest? bloggers out there!  I love her!

Erin from My Alabaster Jar.   She offers spiritual insight that will bless and inspire you.  I just found her blog not too long ago and it is already one of my favorites.

Jasmine from Far Above Rubies.  Her blog is so beautiful.  Just grab a cup of tea and hop over there.  She truly loves the Lord and her readers. 

Amanda from Manda Blogs About.  She is truly and angel. She is very helpful and informative with any bloggy questions you have.  Her blog is one to follow and keep as a bookmark.  If you need to know, she most likely has the answer. 

A SITE to Behold!

My mom learned of all the fun I had reviewing products so she decided to start her own review blog.  I am excited to announce this newborn blog to all of my readers.  I would appreciate it if you showed some love and support to my mom's new blog:  Reviews by Gloria.  Now, as I mentioned this blog is a newborn so you will need to keep a lookout for posts and reviews in the future.  She has a ton of experience having been a stay at home mom, work at home mom, work out of the home mom, having her own business and more!  I look forward to reading her honest reviews.  My mom is nothing if not honest.  Believe me, you can count on that.  If she likes it, she likes it but if she doesn't, she isn't shy about telling you.  Be assured if you want the real deal on a product she will give it to you. 

Mean Mama Reviews is my NEW SITE!  I have decided to take my reviews and move them over to a new site.  As I became more into the review side of blogging, I found it was taking over my main blog.  I think it will be best to dedicate a blog to my reviews while keeping my main blog focused on homeschooling and my life in general.  I will still post reviews my main blog (Under the Golden Apple Tree) if it applies to the direction of this blog or if I found something I can't shut up about.  :) 

Why is it called Mean Mama?  Well, since you were so kind to ask I will provide an answer.  My 17 month old has dubbed me "MEEE-in MAAma!"  Yes, we are so proud of our little darling.  She is quite charming.  Whenever she gets mad or upset about the way the stars are aligned or how her carrots are cooked or how I save her from a fate of falling flat on her face off a table...she says "MEEE-in MAAma!"  I decided that I am one Mean Mama because I only want the best and make no bones about it.

This is another blog in it's infancy but I'm all about jumping the there!


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Jasmine said...

Richele, thank you for recommending my blog, and giving me such a sweet award.

I will pass on over to your mom's new site. What a hoot. I love it. Also, congrats on your new site. xox

G-Zell said...

OMG midas touch woo hoo!!!

A won your giveaway and an award........ I am the luckiest person in the world. HELLO!!!!! 2010~~~~~!!!!

Luv ya too <3

I just replied to your email.

TRush said...

I have just become a follower and liked that heart thingie asking to leave a comment so I am! I also sent you a private email.

I am at