A convenient and easy way to order a bouquet of flowers is through online. You can simply buy from a flower shop's website and have it delivered to your special someone. This way, you get to save more time and effort as well as avoid hassle or stress of going to a physical store.

Always make sure that you research a reliable online flower shop first. You may also seek recommendations from your family members or friends prior to purchasing a set of blooms. With your own research and their suggestions, you can find a trusted online flower shop that you can truly depend on.

Since there are a lot of flower shops available online, you need to ensure that the one you choose is verified. It is also highly recommended that you compare prices first before deciding to avail a certain bouquet of blossoms. More so, take time to read thoroughly the website's general rules in ordering and buying flowers, so that you are aware of all the policies the flower shop has. For example, Central Coast flower delivery from Fresh Flowers is available only for those living in the area. You have to know first the locations covered by the company before you order blooms.

Hence, here are some of the simple guidelines you need to consider when purchasing a set of blossoms online:

Look for experience

One of the most essential factors that you have to take into consideration when in search of an online florist is the experience. As a customer, you have to know the years of experience and how long the company has been serving the people. In addition, once you encounter experienced florists, you are sure that they have already created an established and solid relationship with their customers.

Stay local

Deal with an online flower shop that has a local address and contact number. You have to confirm first if it is really local, since there are numerous online floral stores that tend to be order takers. The flower shop services that you need to select should be nationally or regionally well-known. You have to be aware that at some point the level of customization is not the same when it comes to a local florist.


Regard credentials

Avoid making business to websites that do not clearly display basic information, such as contact number and address, to customers. You would know when a website is legit by having all the credentials, awards, and relevant details about the business visible to the site. Thus, only deal with an online flower shop that has a good reputation.

Indeed, purchasing flowers is made easier because of technology. There is no need  to leave the comfort of your home, for you can order a bouquet of flowers through online. However, online flower shopping can also be risky. You have to be careful in choosing a website and consider these useful guidelines mentioned above. It always pays off to be wise, especially these days when you can buy things in just a snap. Therefore, be a smart shopper at all times.

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Our Experience with Family Audio Adventures

Does your family love audio books?

I wasn't so sure how audio books would go over in my home. I have to admit that I was never much of a fan. My appreciation grew when my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia. Since her listening comprehension far surpassed her reading level so she found great enjoyment in audio books. Now, my 7-year-old never stops talking and would prefer to play a game or watch TV. I wasn't so sure an audio book would capture her attention. I guess now was the time to find out and there was no better way than with Family Audio Adventures.

Our first experience was on the way to the grocery store. It was short drive but it would give us a taste. I showed my 10-year-old daughter the CDs and let her pick which one to play.  Her eyes lit up just seeing the fantastic artwork on the CDs. The choice was made and it was The Dragon and The Raven. As soon as the CD was put in, my 7-year-old protested and wanted to hear some music instead. My other daughter and I looked at each other and instead of saying anything we ignored the request and continued.

Within the first few seconds, I was impressed by the sound quality. As the story began, my daughter and I listened intently. The voice actors were engaging and quite frankly flawless. The story was enthralling and we felt like we could "see" everything going on. Before I knew it, we were in the parking lot. It was at that point I realized two things; 1) We would have been quite content to sit in the parking lot listening longer. 2) My 7-year-old had not uttered a word the entire drive. In fact, it was her who now protested we turn it off to go into the store.  Now, keeping that chatterbox quiet and listening is worth the entire Family Audio Adventure set.

What Makes Family Audio Adventure So Fantastic?

Let's start off by saying these CDs were created by former Adventures in Odyssey producers.  Most of us are already familiar with the quality of Adventures in Odyssey so we already have a fantastic start. Now add in engaging characters, thrilling adventure, a Christian worldview, and real history lessons. Yes, it is THAT GOOD.

Now check this out from the site:

""Studies show that “listening and learning” with audio actually improves how a child’s brain works. It’s true. With audio learning, the left hemisphere of the brain gets stimulated in a way that no other learning method can stimulate. This is an education breakthrough!""

Read all about that and more here

WHAT?  To think I have not employed the use of many audio books. My kids loved every second of these CDs. We still have a few to go but I could not be more excited about adding this into my homeschool.

The next day we listened to Under Drake's Flag. We spent time doing our own research and learning more and before we knew it the school day was over. My daughter looked up and said, "School's over? We didn't even do school." Yes, my lovely daughter, that is exactly what education is about. It is about being truly curious and engaged while broadening your horizons, learning lessons, and appreciating history, within your heart and not just your brain. Real learning becomes a part of you and not a robotic report that you can check off on your "to-do" list. 

Good dental hygiene is very important – in fact, many other health issues can stem from teeth problems. That's why it's crucial to start very early in life. You can do a lot to protect your kids from getting cavities by showing them to clean their teeth and gums as soon as they are old enough to be able to know what to do. How to do that best? Read on to learn more!

1) Be Firm but Inspiring When It Comes to Teeth Hygiene 

Always stand firm on brushing, flossing and rinsing. Emphasize to your child the importance of these hygienic practices. Some tips and tricks to coax your reluctant kid to brush their teeth on their own include: being patient with them, letting them choose their favorite toothpaste or toothbrush, and using some motivators to encourage them. There are many child-friendly accessories you can get e.g. at Sears, such as toothbrushes with children's favorite cartoon characters, that are sure to make your kid want to spend more time in the bathroom. While you're at it remember about Discountrue coupons for helpful discounts on a wide range of products. And, most importantly, don’t forget to lead by example by actually showing your children how to brush the teeth!

2) Start Going for Checkups Early 

By the time your child hits one year, you should see to it that they begin visiting a dentist. Such early preventive teeth care also helps to save a lot of cash in the long run. In fact, dental care expenses reduce by almost 40% over a 5-year period for a child who begins dental visits by their 5th birthday, according to the CDC. 

3) Teach Your Kids Good Hygiene Habits 

In fact, brushing should start even before your little one has grown teeth. Gently brush your child's gums using water on a baby toothbrush or a soft washcloth. Once their teeth have appeared, use a special infant toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste to brush them twice a day. 

Flossing can begin once two teeth have touched each other. Your dentist can advise more on this, as well as when to start using mouthwash. Brushing and flossing should be done just before bedtime, after which no more food or drink (except water) should be taken till the next morning. This also helps to protect your kid from 'Baby Bottle Decay' that is caused by putting your child down to sleep with a bottle of juice, baby formula or milk. 

4) Watch Out for Sugary Foods, Drinks and Even Sweet Medicine 

You should definitely cut back on your child’s intake of sugary stuff. Things like juice or cake are not a very healthy daylong choice for kids. They can lead not only to cavities, but many other ailments as well. Keep in mind that more than four ounces of 100% fruit juice per day is very unhealthy to the teeth. 

Another thing that parents forget about often is sweet medicine. Don’t let their characteristic flavors and sugars stick for long on the teeth. Particularly, some antibiotics and asthma medications can lead to an overgrowth of candida (yeast), resulting in a fungal infection known as oral thrush. 

5) Control the Sippy Cup and the Use of the Pacifier 

As long as a sippy cup can help your child transit from a bottle to a glass, don't let them drink from it all day. Too much use of the sippy cup can cause decay on the back of their front teeth if drinks are sugary. 

Using a pacifier can be very beneficial to your child, however, it is recommended that they ditch it by the age of 4. Some claim that it can affect the lineup of the teeth in the long term, or even lead to a change in the shape of your child’s mouth. It's best if you get more advice from your doctor on this. And what you definitely shouldn't be doing is dipping the pacifier in something sweet!

Healthier Lunches for Homeschool. Preferable.

The great thing about homeschooling is that you’re in the driver’s seat. The way you think school should be, becomes your mission, and you try your utmost to make sure your teaching is effective and that your students have the opportunity to learn, and develop a joy of learning. But the schoolbooks themselves are only one aspect of the homeschooling experience. 

What about the food you serve your children? Everyone knows that what you feed yourself has effects on mood and abilities, so it is doubly important as a homeschooler to pay attention to diet. The food served in schools is notoriously bad for you, so what are you serving your homeschooled children instead?

Online Homeschooling and the Diet: A Closer Look

Vegetables are good brain food, and the introduction of veggies of all kinds at an early age helps to train the palate to enjoy them into adulthood. This and good carbohydrates help keep energy up—both mental and physical—as well as protein and good fats.

What you serve your child for lunch affects them for the rest of the day. Healthy lunches are key to having a productive experience during school time.

Healthy Lunches Key for Growing Children

We know that parents who homeschool do quite a bit of research on teaching methods and to find learning resources for their children. Don’t forget to research the best things to serve for lunch as well. It can be the difference between a sleepy, low energy child and a healthy, high energy one. The diet helps the child both physically and mentally get through a long school day. Bad foods high in saturated fat may taste great to the undisciplined palate, but do not keep energy up for extended periods of time. Pretty soon, those junk foods begin to taste terrible once you develop good eating habits and expand your diet.

For the best services in online education, visit www.FutureSchool.com for more.
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